Charlene Wang

Entrepreneur. Co-president of Brown Data Science. Incoming Google APM Intern.
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I am currently leading the development of a cardiovascular imaging platform.
Prior working experiences include Fin, Google, and consulting projects across education, healthcare, and food industry.


As the Co-President of the Brown Data Science, I organize the annual Brown Datathon and coordinated the neuroscience datathon. I am also leading the Open Source Initiative at Brown.


I major in Applied Mathematics, Computer Science, and Economics at Brown University.
I am also trying to learn everything from life science, psychology, philosophy, to business.


I love to travel and meet new people.
I also enjoy connecting with the greatest thinkers through their masterpiece
Feel free to reach out at Email, Twitter, or LinkedIn.


In my spare time, I am always reading Kindle and Blinkist. Writing when I am traveling.
Top 3 favorite: Poor Charlie's Almanack; When Breath Becomes Air; Seeking Wisdom.
My Bookshelf: Some cherished books
Muse: More digested thoughts